Sustainable Fish

MSC and ASC Symbols

Our table guests' awareness about the impact of food production on the environment is growing. They expect information and transparency about the origin of the food products we use in our dishes.

In our certified outlets, 100% of the fish in food production is MSC or ASC certified.

These two symbols have a big impact; we can be confident that the fish on our plates comes from sustainable sources and we can enjoy our meal with a good conscience.

What does the MSC symbol mean?

The MSC label is used only by fisheries who have been certified for environmental standards: 

  • Fishing is limited to the extent that stock is maintained at a healthy level in the long term.
  • Fishing equipment and methods may not endanger habitats and by-catch must be minimal.
  • Fishery management complies with legislation and international agreements..

What does the ASC symbol mean?

The ASC label is used only by fish farms which who have been certified for ASC environmental and social standards:

  • ASC farms are environmentally compatible, focus on the health of fish and ensure that feed does not contribute to overfishing.
  • They provide safe, fair working conditions and comply respect the rights and needs of local communities.

Animal Welfare

Shared values

Dussmann Service has joined the European Chicken Commitment.