Preventing Waste

United Against Waste e.V.

We are making a contribution

Each year, 11 million tons of food is thrown away in Germany alone. The food service industry is responsible for 17% of this total.*

In 2014, Dussmann Service Deutschland joined the association "United Against Waste e. V.". The objective of the international campaign is to fight food waste in the food service industry and to encourage all of those involved to treat food with care and respect.

United Against Waste e. V. provides its members with a service operations package:

  • Information materials to raise the awareness of personnel and of diners
  • Staff training and a code of conduct
  • A waste analysis tool to screen food service operations

The tool enables us to count, measure and weigh the food waste produced in our kitchens and restaurants. The results help us optimize our operations on a long-term basis and to ensure a more efficient use of resources. 

We share our results with other members of the association United Against Waste e. V. because we recognize the need to work together to achieve global results. After all, everybody benefits.

Preventing unnecessary food waste is a contribution to a better world. 


* Source: Survey "Zu gut für die Tonne" carried out in 2011 by the University of Stuttgart for the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture

About United Against Waste e.V.

The association United Against Waste e.V. was founded in 2012 to encourage awareness of food waste in the food service industry. It aims to inform cooks and and food service companies about methods of reducing unnecessary waste and saving costs. 

United Against Waste is a global campaign which is setting standards all over the world.


Together we are strong

Teamwork means sharing the work and multiplying the success. Our competent partners are all leaders in their own national and international areas of expertise who invest same dedication as we do in our mutual goals.