Quality doesn’t grow on trees, it's right next door.

Regional products for sustainable quality.

Our ingredients aren’t global travelers, they’re locals; whenever possible, we use regional products because they help us to serve fresh, appetizing meals. The environment benefits too; less transport means less environmental impact.

This is possible because we have established a wide network of around 60 central suppliers and over 300 local partners. We have worked with many of them for several decades and that has resulted in reliable business partnerships based on mutual trust.

Together Everyone Achieves More.

One of our purchasing principles is mutual trust. Safety is another. This is why we include suppliers in our listings only after we have audited them for sustainability, traceability and hygiene and established that their standards correlate with ours.

A lot has been said about quality. We believe that action speaks louder than words and we have that in writing as quality certification. Many of our suppliers have IFS (International Featured Standards) and ISO 9001 certification and we monitor the current situation through regular audit of local and national suppliers.

Nothing is left to chance during goods receipt; there are standard inspection procedures in place regulated by the IMS (integrated management system).


Actions speak louder than words

We put theory into practice, every day ensuring that sustainability is not just a theoretical concept; it is an integral component of our daily operations.