Food to Go

More flexibility, more sustainability,less waste!

Food to go - without the packaging waste

What do you do when the number of seats in restaurant are limited? Or when you don't have time for an extended lunch break? No problem, you don't have to miss out on lunch. A hot main course, a vitamin-packed salad or fresh snacks to go are an increasingly popular alternative in staff restaurants.

Baguettes, sandwiches or wraps are easy to take away in paper bags. We are happy to provide you with appropriate packaging to pick up hot dishes or chilled desserts.

In a growing number of Dussmann staff restaurants, we are working on a more sustainable solution and in partnership with VYTAL have introduced premium quality, reuseable dishes.

Opening times: always

Smart Fridge

Fresh foods, snacks and beverages around the clock!


Buy a VYTAL membership card in your staff restaurant of download the free VYTAL app and enter payment data which is used only if dishes are not punctually returned.


Take your food with you in reuseable bowls that are robust, suitable for the freezer and the microwave and 100% leak-proof. 100% free of charge too if you return them within 14 days.


In the app, you can track how much packaging waste you have avoided so far. The VYTAL bowls can be used 200 times and are more environmentally friendly than disposable packaging from their tenth use.


The app reminds you to return the dishes and lists all the VYTAL partners in your area where you can do so. When you hand them over, they are scanned and then hygienically cleaned in preparation for the next use.

Sustainable food packaging from VYTAL enables us all to make a contribution towards reducing packaging waste.
Take lunch with you and enjoy it with a gut conscience.