Carbon Footprint

Small icon, big impact

How your food choices affect your carbon footprint

Did you know that your food choices have a major impact on your carbon footprint? A third of all greenhouse gases produced by human beings across the world are connected to food production. That's 200 million tons every year in Germany alone. It's more than is emitted by vehicles.

We can help to bring about change:

Environmentally friendly meals at Dussmann

We have made adjustments in 20 Dussmann staff restaurants - from food purchasing to food service -  to reduce the CO2 emissions of the mealplan.

You can find out how environmentally friendly a meal is by the cloud icon on the meal plan. The more stars, the less CO2 emissions and the smaller your environmental impact.

Be aware of the impact of your food choices ...

... because in Germany, CO2 emissions from food alone average 2.5 tons per capita. If we all ate three environmentally friendly meals every week, it would have the same impact as 6.27 million fewer cars. By carefully choosing the things we eat, we can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 50%

How do we calculate CO2 emissions?

The innovative software created by Eaternity taps the most extensive databank on the environmental impact of food. In cooperation with Eaternity, we offer everyone who eats in our restaurants the opportunity to make their daily food choices count!

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