Animal Welfare

More animal welfare - and more taste

Chickens reared with time and care

We say no to the shredding of male chicks. We were the first caterers to process dual-purpose chickens in our restaurants instead of fattened hybrid chickens.

We have established a cooperation with the poultry farm Locking, in the Chiemgau region, which rears exclusively male chicks of the breed "Les Bleus" with care, space and organic feed. The cocks are reared slowly over five months developing strong muscles lending the meat a unique flavor. In comparison, hybrid chickens live only five weeks. The entire bird is processed, from neck to tail.

This is sustainability in action - the only kind of sustainability that counts!

Egg Quality

More space, less overbreeding

We believe in sustainable production and transparency in the origin of our ingredients and we want to reduce the suffering of animals. We have been supporting the Albert Schweitzer Foundation campaign in Germany and Austria since 2017 and do not use eggs from caged hens. Dussmann commits to offering 100% cage-free eggs by 2030, provided that cage-free eggs are available in sufficient quantity and quality in all relevant markets and that customers support this. We have also joined the European Chicken Commitment promoted by the Albert Schweitzer Foundation and have set ourselves the goal of sourcing chicken meat for our restaurants in Germany and Austria exclusively from suppliers that meet its criteria by 2026. The criteria are significantly stricter than those currently applied  by animal welfare legislation and permit chickens more freedom of movement. They restrict overbreeding and faciitate the natural behaviour of chickens, for example by providing pecking substrates.