Nobody does it better.

Our cooperation partners.

They say that too many cooks spoil the broth. We don’t agree. In fact quite the opposite is true. We believe the more professionals we involve in the process, the better the results. This is why we have built up a network of international companies and professional associations who are reliable and innovative business partners.

A fresh approach.

These are longstanding partnerships which are based on the common mission of providing flawless service. One imperative component of success is the ability to think beyond the task in hand and to be open to new and imaginative approaches. Cooperation between service divisions and international operations ensures that fresh input is always at hand.

DEHOGA, the German hotel and catering association, represents over 224,000 businesses with almost 1.8 million employees in the hotel and catering sector; from traditional restaurant operations to staff catering to system and five-star catering. 

Dussmann Service is a member of DEHOGA to contribute to political discussions and  good business policies which promote entrepreneurial success.

The German Association of School Catering (DNSV) has nationwide activities. It is dedicated to improv9ing the quality of school catering in all German schools.

The German Society of Clinical Nutrition e.V. (DGEM) is a multi-disciplinary alliance of many occupations who are concerned withclinical nutrition. Its mission is to promote scientific and practical progress in the field of clinical nutrition and research on metabolism ge

The German Society for Nutrition (DGV) supports research on nutrition and provides information about new developments and findings in publications and events.

The ICA provides integrative further training to combat the shortage of specialists in the German food service industry and to reduce unemployment among young people in the European Union.

Dussmann Service works with the association "United Against Waste" which promotes awareness for the volume of food which lands in waste bins and individual responsibility. We can only achieve major important objectives together and then everyone benefits.

The German association of dieticians (VDD) is the largest professional association for experts on diet therapy and nutrional advice and the only professional association for dieticians in Germany.


Quality comes first

We know you’ll understand when we say we don’t want to be average; we want be the best. Quality is measurable and guaranteed by our certification, a strict hygiene concept and our integrated management system.

United Against Waste e.V.

Join the fight against waste.

About one third of all food produced worldwide gets lost or wasted during food preparation and consumption. We are working with the association "United Against Waste e. V.“ to reduce waste involving both our personnel and diners.