Best before: always.

Our sustainability concept EcoSystem.

We have it in mind in everything we do: sustainability. For Management at Dussmann Service it is a key function because as a leading service provider, we are conscious of our social responsibility towards society and the environment. 

To ensure that it doesn’t stop at theory and good intentions, we have appointed a sustainability board including members of the executive board as well as operative staff. Together, they develop concepts to achieve sustainability. A regular meeting at managing director level coordinates the implementation of resolutions which are formulated as clear and binding objectives for all company divisions. 

The Dussmann Service EcoSystem stands on three strong pillars: 

  • Economical sustainability: We guarantee constantly high standards of service quality
  • Environmental sustainability: we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of all services
  • Social sustainability: our workforce is our most valuable asset


Quality comes first

We know you’ll understand when we say we don’t want to be average; we want be the best. Quality is measurable and guaranteed by our certification, a strict hygiene concept and our integrated management system.

Code of Conduct

Common Values

Ethical values are a key to the Dussmann Group’s principles. The code of conduct describes the Dussmann principles as a set of unambiguous and binding rules which serve as guidelines in our decisions and our business dealings.