Animal Welfare

More animal welfare - and taste

Chickens reared with time and care

We say no to the shredding of male chicks. We are the first caterers to use dual-use chickens in our restaurants instead of fattened hybrid chickens.

We have established a cooperation with the poultry farm Locking, in the Chiemgau region, which rears exclusively male chicks of the breed "Les Bleus" with care, space and organic feed. 

  • The cocks grow slowly over five months developing strong muscles lending the meat a unique flavor. In comparison, brioler chickens live only five weeks.
  • The entire bird is used, from neck to tail.

The European Chicken Commitment

Dussmann Service has joined the European Chicken Commitment intitiated by the Albert Schweitzer Stiftung. Our goal: by 2026, the chicken served in all of our restaurants in Germany and Austria will be purchased exclusively from suppliers who satisfy the requirements of the ECC. These are considerably more stringent than those required by animal welfare law; for example, chickens are given more freedom of movement and sufficient opportunity to peck, enabling normal behavior.

This is sustainability in action - the only kind of sustainability that counts!


Actions speak louder than words

We put theory into practice, every day ensuring that sustainability is not just a theoretical concept; it is an integral component of our daily operations.