Vegan Food

Veni, vidi, vegan!

The Vegan Meal Range by Dussmann Service

Delicious food without animal products? 

The number of people in Germany who are discovering vegan alternatives is on the increase. Dussmann Service answered the demand by creating a vegan meal range.

Vegan promotions have been carried out in a number of staff restaurants across Germany. Diners were given the opportunity to try vegan products and meals and to discover whether they are to their taste.

What was the reaction of diners? 

"Today, I ate the Gyros with potato wedges and Tzatziki. It was delicious and there was really no need for meat." 

"I enjoyed the promotion - egan food once a week - I think I could really do that.“ 

The promotion found the approval of our personnel too. At the end of the promotion at her restaurant, our operations manager,  Simone Kronawitta summarized the event: "It went down really well; there was even queue .... I'm really convinced".

Would you like to see a vegan promotion at your Dussmann restaurant? 

Let us know.

A Step Ahead

The Dussmann vegan meal range was launched by celebrity chef Christian Rach together with the chairperson of the Dussmann board of trustees, Catherine von Fürstenberg-Dussmann at Dussmann House in Friedrichstraße, Berlin. Information about vegan nutrition and how Dussmann Service has made it compatible for staff restaurants and other contract catering operations was provided.

Catherine von Fürstenberg-Dussmann explained why Dussmann Service has introduced vegan meals as an additional range: "There are an increasing number of flexitarians among our diners. Dussmann vegan is our contribution to balanced nutrition; as always, we are a step ahead in recognizing trends."

The term "vegan" grew from the first three and last two letters of the word "vegetarian"  (veg…an). Vegans eat only food of plant origin. Animal foods such as meat, fish, milk, eggs and honey are excluded and replaced with plant alternatives. M

In 1944, Donald Watson founded the Vegan Society in Great Britain. 

(Source: Vegetarierbund Deutschland)

Alternatives are made of soy, for example  tempeh (whole, fermented soy beans) or cereals and pulses. Tofu is sold in many different forms: smoked, caramelized and texturized.

In terms of holding time and hygiene safety, these products are very suitable for use in contract catering.

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