Catering Concepts

Delicious food. Wherever you are.

Customized catering concepts.

We are always happy when our guests enjoy the food we serve. Of course, we start with delicious ingredients. But we also make sure that the concept is adapted to the individual needs of the diners we are serving and not the other way round.

Not one for all but the right one for each.

The requirements of healthy, balanced nutrition depend on the age and situation of diners. This is what we focus on when we design a catering operation. Small children, seniors, office workers, students and patients with special dietary needs all have different nutritional requirements and preferences vary too. 

But there are also basics that all operations have in common. Whenever possible, we purchase from regional suppliers, on request, in organic quality. And we select the production process as well as ordering, service and the method of payment that best suits the situation and the organizational and technical limitations of the client’s operation. 

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Allergen Labeling

Information for Diners

There are 14 allergens listed by the EU Labeling Directive which must be labeled on any foods sold.


Variety is the spice of life

Our promotion weeks take up seasonal, regional and topical themes and add variety and interest to the meal plans of our staff restaurants.


Actions speak louder than words

We put theory into practice, every day ensuring that sustainability is not just a theoretical concept; it is an integral component of our daily operations.


Together we are strong

Teamwork means sharing the work and multiplying the success. Our competent partners are all leaders in their own national and international areas of expertise who invest same dedication as we do in our mutual goals.